Exceptional Canberra Businesswomen

by Sally Hopman  6 November 2021 – The Riot Act

Natashia Telfer overcame cancer to give back to the community, and Olga Imbriano started her dream business with a single product. Now these two inspirational women have been jointly named the Rubik3 Canberra Women in Business (CWB) Business Women of the Year.

Such was the standard of candidates for the title this year that CWB president, Sheena Ireland, says the two outstanding women shared the title.

She says in these current hard times, female-led businesses are showing great tenacity in dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic.

“So many have juggled their children’s home learning, pivoted to keep their businesses alive, and had the added pressures that a lockdown environment brings,” says Sheena.

“However, the applications received for this year’s awards were absolutely outstanding. Of course, many noted the challenges they faced, but what they also told was the story of overcoming those challenges and how the current environment has made them even stronger.”

For Natashia, overcoming cancer at 18 led the co-founder and director of National Community Care to a place in life where she works to make a difference in people’s lives.

“It was because of the amazing care I received that made me want to pursue this path,” she says. “My original plan was to be a primary school teacher.

“When you love what you do it’s not really work.” – Sally Hopman  6 November 2021 – The Riot Act